Deep, Deep Ocean

Available July 14, 2018 -


Something is hiding in Silas's Home

With only one week of summer left, Silas is only beginning to discover that the world he has known for nine years may not be the safe place it once was. Something dark has crawled from the ocean, something that will change Silas's perspective on everything he once held dear, if he can reclaim it.

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Joel is dead.

After waking up to a world where the living can no longer see his face or feel his touch, Joel is thrown into the world of part-timers — souls forced to repay the debt of their misspent lives by helping the more fortunate deceased to move on. Trapped by the morally esoteric Angels, Joel is quickly discovering that there are many worse things than death, and he will have to put more on the line than his flesh and blood to find the answers he needs.

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