Audiobook Version of Part-Timers Available Summer 2018



Ghost Pepper Press is proud to announce the collaboration with author and practicing neurosurgeon, Edison McDaniels (left), narrating for the upcoming Part-Timers audiobook. Production will begin in Spring of 2018, with the release set for Summer 2018. McDaniels has been honored by a plethora of publications including the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (2003), Paradox Magazine, The Summerset Review, The Armchair Aesthete, On The Premises Magazine, and others. His complete collection can be found on his author website.

Part-Timers follows the story of Joel Bluewater, who, after passing away, is thrown into the world of part-timers — souls forced to repay the debt of their misspent lives by helping the more fortunate deceased to move on. Digital and print copies are available for order on Amazon, as well as bookstores across the Philadelphia area. The audio release, produced through ACX, will be available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.